Drew And Mike – ‘Best of’ – March 8, 2019

Marc-Gregor Campredon
  • Tom Mazawey (@TomMazawey) Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today!
  • On this ‘best of’- MSU v. Michigan, LeBron the loafer, everything needs to be charged, a mobile meth lab mistake, Zuckerberg & Gate’s book club and Dead Man’s curve.
  • Everything needs to be charged & Marc regales us with some cycling stories.
  • An individual with a mobile meth lab had a bit of an accident & went to clean it up in the showers of a Planet Fitness.
  • Bill & Melinda Gates along with Mark Zuckerberg created a list of books that everybody needs to read to be as DEEP as them.
  • Today in Rock takes us to Dead Man’s Curve.
  • Hello?